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I’m Paul Murray
a professional photographer
living in United States.

In national press, music, public relations, and commercial commission.

We work with brands big and small. From household-name international brands to start-ups. I can also Offer High-Quality Drone and Aerial Photography Services at Affordable Prices!

About Paul Murray

Paul’s creative entity can turn a photo into a voyeur’s vision. Admirers of my work are most taken with his multiple exposure technique done in-camera not Photoshop (see photos). All you have to do is view his work and you’ll take a second look and then you won’t be able to put it down. Paul’s multiple exposures (the art of combining many images on one print) mesh creativity and skill so well that most people have a hard time believing it’s a real photo.

Paul’s creativity and professionalism impressed the Jackson family. He was their exclusive photographer at the Jackson Family honors TV special in February 1994, Paul was hand-picked by Papa Joe himself, Paul shot and processed over 1100 photos in a week’s time. Of his Jackson experience, he says: “They are hard-working people” So if you are going to be a part of their team you have to be willing to work hard-real hard. They are perfectionists at what they do. Joe Jackson has a saying, “work hard and get well rewarded” Paul gives people their money’s worth and more.

Paul’s mobile lab and creativity let people know how seriously he takes his work. Paul wants his peers to know that as a photographer he has taken talent, skills, multiple exposures, and his camera and been able to provide professional photography solutions. Paul says “I want to tell other photographers creativity is how you get paid. I like being compensated for my service. I want people to understand that I am multitalented.”

The mobile lab is based inside a Monaco motor home, where he does all his processing and printing. Upon inserting SD cards, compact disk, iPhone, and analog phone into one end and glossy, top-quality pictures come out the other. There is no darkroom, no messy pans: it’s totally digital and all electronic.

The machines in his lab can go from wallet to 13 x19 enlargements, which make the processing look simple enough. No flashing or blinking lights, not too many of exposed wires, just a beep, beep, beep every three seconds. Studio104 production not only provides a valuable service to the public but also serves the public. Mr. Murray being a Veteran, believes that once you’ve attained a certain amount of knowledge, success, or both, then it is a duty to give something in return, to Help others veteran and families, etc.

Many years ago, a neighbors Rottweiler dog, viciously attacked Raynell Tucker a four-year-old DC girl. She sustained life-threatening injuries. She was hospitalized for many months, and her medical expense soared toward $1,000,000. Upon hearing about this, Paul Murray spearheaded a fundraiser that earned over $10,000 towards her medical expenses. The fundraiser conceded of Paul photographing individual with Donnie Simpson host of Bet TV show, Video Soul. We went to work! Donnie gave of his time. That is better than giving; it becomes personal at this point. Money doesn’t buy everything, but it helps! Paul Murray’s clients hire him because they want the best to do the best job in the least amount of time. Paul loves shooting entertainers but admits sometimes photographers do get discouraged. “But if we didn’t do, what we do, then no one would know who these entertainers were.”) Some artists need to realize that photographers are the lifeline to audience exposure.

Studio104production looks forward to capturing all your special moments of life. Let us take a picture for you today!


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Fully Equipped To Make Your Brand Rock! The Perfect Photographer For Any Project – Anywhere In The World.

Portrait photography, Real Estate photography, Events photography, Forensic photography and much more.

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"Image, is one of the most important things of your life."
Paul Murray

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