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This is a link to my Photo Gallery
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Jr. Carinaval October 1, 2017
October 1, 2017
Miami event October 2017


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Description: paul Master:paul master photos:1496555_10152482243279606_1467288393_o.jpg List of famous people Mr. Murray has  worked with and have made my career enhancing. President of The United States, Mr. Bill Clinton on his first day in office.

     Mr. Murray is also the producer of the Dawn Reese show, The Jackson Family Honors Personal Photographer 1994. I would like to thank Mr. Frank Harris for inter deucing me to Mr. Joseph Jackson for Mrs. Jo Marie Payton of Family Matters Lil J, Elisabeth Taylor, Donnie Simpson, Prince De jure, BET host. Trick Rick, I want to Thank my Friend and brother Mr. Daryl Carter , The Documentary For United Deputy Marshal’s Matt Fogg,  Arthur Lloyd Former Dep. Sherriff Raymond Hicks, Mr. Neville Shorter Bahamas Tourism Broad, Mr. James Brown, The Whispers, Wild Man Steve & Rutty Raymore, The O Jay’s, Sisco, Next, Coast 101.3 FM, Cool 96, WPGC, NBC, BET, NBA, US Olympics Track Field & Boxing, The WB (Hollywood CA), Lil Bow Wow, Lake Side, Jazz in the Garden, Mr. Clyde McPhatter Jr, Big Daddy Kane, Bernie Mack, Sly Slick Wicket, Quincy Jones, Gladys Night, Celine Dion, CeCe Pension, Isley Brothers, Smokey Robinson, Louis Gossett Jr.,Berry Gordy, Will Smith, Blue Magic, Pam Grier, Samuel Jackson, H.B Barnum, Patti LaBelle, Rick James, Bootsy Collins, Mr. Ali Woodson of the Temptation, Elisabeth Taylor, The Four Tops, Will Smith in California at the men in black grand opening, Richard Pryor, Earth Wind & fire in Capital Centre, Guide Torry, Joe Torry comedian, Gray, Reynaldo Ray, Next R&B Group video, Howard Hetti, Lakeside band, Washington DC Carter Barron with the O’Jays, Billy Paul Pa, Aretha Franklin, Keith Sweat, HB Barnum, The Pump Girls, OSG Old Scholl Gang Florida, Guatemala Grammy with Jossie Cordova  Phyllis Hyman, WVET’s Radio, Mr. Keith Winslow, Mr. Waddell  M.C. Gee  Tom Joyner Vonny Sweeney and then pre-Grammy party. Dr. Bessie Fletcher, Mr. John Wilson Mayor of Bella Glade, Mrs. Martin Luther King, Mrs. Rosie Parks, Mrs. Tina Marie, Mr. Tony Wilson young James Brown, Mrs. Deena Brown, Mr. R. Mousey Thomas, Mr. James Brown Jr. Muhammad Ali Sr. Jr. And Mrs. Khalilah Ali, The Buffalo Soldiers, Frank Cornelius, The Queens Royal Guard,   Mr. Keith Winslow, DJ Quick, Larry Dogg, T Dogg, Cassandra Campbell Talent Agency Ca.


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